a tribe of innovators

Web Tribe Ltd is a software development and Consultancy Company specializing in payment systems, Management systems, Card based systems and systems integrations

Web Tribe Ltd has applications ranging from switches, online payment gateway, Sacco Management System, Smart Card based systems, SMS applications and other specialized systems. We assess clients' needs and develop tailor made applications.

Online Payment System

A simple, secure, robust and reliable online payment system that will help your business trade online with anyone anywhere in the world. A ground-breaking solution, first of its kind in Kenya, more.

SMS System

Highly integrated messaging system
enables you to broadcast a single SMS to multiple groups
with scheduler, database, backup, monitoring, and report utilities, and more

Network Security Solutions

We will make sure that your networks are shielded from any attacks. With well researched and tested technology that meets international standards, you can rely on us, more.

Smart Card Application

Industry leaders in smart card application and card-based systems. more.

Online Shopping Cart

Easily customizable online shopping cart just ideal for your online business, more at mamamboga.


  • Switching (EFT) and Online Gateways
  • Financial Middleware Applications: Web Services, ISO 8583, XML
  • STK Integration
  • Smart Card Application
  • Messaging Systems: SMS Integration
  • Networks & Application Security
  • Java Programming Consultants
  • Online content aggregation